Friday, October 23, 2009

Running out of Time

We knew since we had been stationed here that there was a chance of Marion getting deployed, but if it were to happen, it wouldn't be until after the holidays. Well, this week, he came home with the bad news: he will be leaving for training for 3 months in 4 weeks. So yes, that means not only will he be absent for Christmas and his birthday, he will also miss his favorite feast of the year: Thanksgiving.

After the news was processed (it took awhile), we decided not to dwell on it and get the most out of the few weeks that were left. So off we went to the Camden Aquarium! It is fun to watch Michael point at all the different fish and sea creatures, and hold a conversation about them in his own little language. Unfortunately, the light in an aquarium is never great, so the good pictures here are limited. It was a good day for the aquarium, too...what nasty weather!!!

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