Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Snow of the Season

Yes. You heard right. It is not a typo. It is October 6th, and we are experiencing the first snow of the season! But let's also keep in mind, we were experiencing this in the frigid tundra known as North Dakota....

That said, it was still amazing to see...this is early even for up here! And the snowflakes were HUGE-MUNGOUS!!! I've never seen any snowflakes that big - they were like golf balls! See how the snowflake itself is actually casting a shadow on my cheek in this picture?? Crazy...

Luckily, our thoughtful Aunt Lori had come over to the house and turned on the heat before we got there....thank goodness!!!! I'll still be sleeping under about 5 of Grandma's quilts tonight.

We had fun with the snow for the few hours it lasted. We got Michael bundled up and took some neat pictures of him running around in it...didn't seem to phase him in the least! Of course, we had to get a grandparent picture with the infamous house in the background too.

Uncle Bobby was on babysitting duty while we unloaded the car when we got there. This is my favorite picture of the evening:

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