Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farewell North Dakota! (And winter...)

Surprise, Surprise, I'm behind again! Well, to summarize quickly, the rest of the trip went very well. Aside from my Grandpa being admitted to the hospital for a few days and the blasted cold weather, everything went smoothly. He was able to come home right in time for the big dinner we prepared on Friday night to take to the nursing home. It was great...Gary and his whole family were even able to make it down! Just like old times (only in a nursing home instead). Here's a picture of the whole gang at the table:

One neat thing about the trip was Michael's Halloween costume. When we were at my aunt Sandy's house, she remembered that she had held onto her son's old costume that Grandma made him when he was little. Wouldn't you know, it was a perfect fit!! So the costume was extra special this year because of its sentimentality. Here it is:

Grandma Schatz, you're supposed to fill it up with candy!!!

Since that many of us are not usually able to get together at one time, we made sure to take lots of pictures. A few family photos are below:
The second generation: Gary, Mom, Sandy, and Lori with Grandma and Grandpa

The Lyman Clan

Gary's Gang: Renae, Matt, Chris, Tanya, Gary, and Raeleen

The ones who keep everyone else sane: Bob and Lori :)

We love you all!!!!

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