Saturday, November 28, 2009

Give Thanks....

For Thanksgiving we got a wonderful surprise....Marion would be joining us!!! He found out that he had time off for the holiday, so he flew back up to spend it with us. My parents also drove up for the holiday, so it was a nice, cozy Thanksgiving had by all.

The best part was Marion and Michael got to spend a lot of time together. Both of them enjoyed that!

Dad was nice enough to fix my table while they were here along with 5 million other to-dos I had been accumulating and not getting accomplished. Michael decided that he was going to be Grandpa's helper while attempting the table. Dad had every wrench Marion owned in his hand, whether he needed it or not. That's where Michael insisted they were supposed to be.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye Bye Daddy!

Well, today was the dreaded day. Marion was all packed up and ready to to training in Louisiana for three long months. We drove him up to the airport to see him off, and of course we were running late as always. Security was nice enough to give me a pass so we could go all the way to the gate with him though. We said our quick goodbyes, and he was off.

We will miss you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PIctures for Sandy

So last October, when we went out for our North Dakota visit, my Aunt Sandy gave me a liederhosen that she had bought for her son when she was in Germany. She said I just had to try it on Michael and take pictures because it was just the cutest thing. Well, forgetful me completely forgot about it buried in the closet until she reminded me again this year. still fit! He wasn't in a wonderful picture-taking mood, but I got some just for you! Thanks for the loan!

As we were changing him back out of the outfit, he discovered Marion's boots and decided they were just the right size to go on his feet. I think they fit, don't you? He's so darn cute.