Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a Weekend!

Alright...this weekend has had enough drama to hold us over for months! The great news about last weekend....Marion was coming home Friday!!!! The bad news about last weekend....a snow storm was predicted to hit that night. So here's how it went down:

Marion had a flight home from Louisiana Friday with a connection in Memphis. He got to Memphis before they cancelled all remaining flights into Philly, DC, Baltimore, and Reagan. So, poor Marion was stuck in Memphis trying desperately to get a flight home somehow. We went back and forth on the phone for hours trying to get something set up so he wouldn't have to sleep in Memphis for the night. After much pain and suffering, Marion got a flight to NYC and got in about 10:30 at night. From there, he had to lug his hugemongous bags via a cab to the train station, then the train station to his car. I called in a few favors on my end and got a friend to watch Michael while another friend and I drove his car to the train station. Thank goodness for wonderful people!

Marion ended up having to drive through the blizzard an hour to get home from the train station, and he got in about 2 in the morning. We are just thankful he made it safely. Good thing he made the extra effort when he did, because the snow just got worse the next day! After we took care of the necessary shoveling, we spent some time outdoors with the little man. Poor guy didn't last too long though before he turned into an ice pop!

The next day, we had a special dinner planned to celebrate Valentine's Day early, and at least we were able to make it out for that. But the fun was short-lived when Michael woke up screaming for a good hour the next morning. Come to find out....yet another ear infection. Poor little guy. So he has not been a happy camper lately. But he is glad that his Daddy is home....they're definitely getting their playtime in!

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  1. Hey You! I stole your blog address from never told me you had a blog! I' sorry that our crazy snow storm delayed Marion....but so glad he made it home!

    We think about you all the time and hope you are doing well. Did your hair get really dark all of the sudden, or is that another Jennifer look alike?