Friday, February 26, 2010

Hittin' The Slopes

Our roomate from grad school, Laura, and her husband, Juan, decided they wanted to try out their hand at skiing. Laura had been once with us in grad school, but Juan had never been before. So they came up for the weekend, and we all went up to Bear Creek Ski Resort together. Marion and I hadn't been skiing in over a year either, so we were ready to hit the slopes!

After dropping Michael off at the daycare (no, he was not skiing with us!), we were off! Laura and Juan decided to start out with some lessons. We dropped them off on the bunny hill while we explored the other runs, but not before we got a few pics of the pros in the making!

After about 5 hours on the slopes, we all decided to call it a day. And it was a bloodshed! Michael did well in daycare being that he had no nap all afternoon, so as soon as he hit his carseat on the way home he was out like a light. :)

Of course, skiing was not the only thing that we did all weekend. Michael made sure to get some quality snuggle time in with Auntie Laura! I think he's even winning Juan over!

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