Sunday, January 24, 2010

Word Explosion!!!!

Michael is always surprising me with how smart he is. I am always amazed by how much he knows and understands. He has always been very good about following directions and labeling things.

Along with being very smart, he is also very stubborn. He has not really shown any interest in talking up to this point, aside from a few words here and there. And do I think it's because he can't? No. Just not interested.

But within the past week or so, he has been saying new word after new word! So exciting! Some he says on his own, and others he'll say if he can repeat after me. But he's finally taking an interest in talking...which makes me so happy! So I've decided to do a synopsis of his vocabulary, both for your benefit and mine. :)

There are some words he has been saying for awhile. These include: ball, mommy, daddy, mamaw, papaw, no, baby, duck, up ('da'), what's that, choo choo, beep beep, book, moo, baa, quack quack, roar, nana (banana), uh-oh. He also signs: please, more, milk, thank you, all done.

Starting around Christmas time, he has just been on a roll picking up new words! He now says moon, bye bye, cheese, juice, elbow, nose, rock, whoa, yay, boo-boo, more, ho ho ho, and elmo on his own. Words he's repeated after me include: potty, passy, pasta, button, turtle, monkey, kick, please, knee, and girl. I'm sure I'm forgetting some in here, but I had to write them all down somewhere before I forgot them...they're coming on so fast!

Way to go Michael!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

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