Monday, April 16, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

We're Baaaaaack!!!!
Yes, after a very, very, very long hiatus, here is a blog post for you. How long will this motivation last? There's no telling. We'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best.
So instead of catching up on the last year and some change, we're just gonna start with Easter. We had 2 handsome men to participate in the festivities this year! We did the annual Easter basket finding, and then it was off to church. The good part was the afternoon...
Since we weren't celebrating with any family, we thought it would be fun to have our friends and their twins over for dinner and do a little egg hunt with all the boys. It was great watching them fill their baskets with goodies in the backyard! Took a little bit to get Michael to refocus (you can open them later honey, just find them for now and put them in your basket), but they all ended up with baskets packed to the brim!
After the egg hunt, we had a delicious homemade dinner, which was a treat since I've been more than slacking on cooking dinner lately! Marion was in charge of the main dish, and he chose to smoke a turkey. Not too shabby!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday...maybe we'll be lucky and I'll post again soon! :)

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