Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbye Dayton...Hello New Jersey!

The day has come...moving day!!! All the furniture is gone, Marion is already at our new house, and now I'm off to meet him in New Jersey with the dog, Michael, and my mom in tow. Luckily, Adam and Danielle served as a good midpoint, so we decided to crash there for the night. They were going out of town, but we even got an early enough start to hang out with them before they left. We took Michael to the pool at their complex, which he usually loves, but for some reason today he just wasn't feeling it. Then after they left, he wasted no time spitting up on their throw pillow and pulling all the books off their bookshelf. He wastes no time breaking in new places. After awhile, we decided he needed to expend some energy, so we took him to the play place in the nearby mall. I was was huge! He would've been content to stay in there for hours. And I think mom had even more fun than he did!

So day one of the trip went quite smoothly, and Michael did a great job in the car, so I had high hopes for day two. Boy was I wrong. He slept for about 45 min total and screamed for the other 4 hours. NOT FUN! But we finally made it (after taking the long way, I'm sure, AND after paying an arm and a leg in tolls), to our new house filled with boxes. At least the boxes and paper entertained the litle kids and big kids alike. Take a look....who is the kid in these pics??

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