Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blueberry Picking

Today we decided to explore the vast farmland of NJ and visit a pick your own farm. We found one that had some good ratings and was just minutes from the house, so we decided to check it out and get some nice fresh blueberries.

Once we got there, our first impression was, "Really? This is it?" It looked a little junky...thought we were in the wrong place. However, I have to follow this by saying that we are used to picking fruit outside of DC where everything is highly commercialized. Marion went to check it out and came back with the 80 year old guy who ran the place. Turns out he was super nice...and funny too! So we made our way out to the blueberry bushes and got to picking.

MAN did we pick a hot day! Poor little guy downed his water so fast. But he was a trooper! He even did a great job helping pick the blueberries and put them in the bucket. When he started pulling them all back out of the bucket and throwing them on the ground, that was our cue to leave.

So we left the farm with a good time had by all and some cute pictures (all centered around Michael of course). Now what to do with all these blueberries......

On a different topic....we've started letting Michael hold/play with his spoons and forks more often during mealtime in an effort to get him to self-feed. He's actually doing a relatively good job with it! Today, he even scooped up some food out of his bowl and put it in his mouth all by himself! He's growing up so fast...

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