Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Many Changes...

For those of you who don't know, there is tons going on over here in the great state of Ohio right now. We have gotten word that, since Marion has resigned from his surgical internship after determining it just wasn't the life for him, we are being restationed once again this summer. We will be moving to McGuire AFB in New Jersey this July and will be there for 2 years. Marion will basically be working as a Family Practice doc for that time, and then will reapply to a different residency.

Initially, we were very shocked at the news...New Jersey??? Really??? This time, we didn't get any say in the matter either, they just kinda told us where we were going to go. But after the news sank in, I think it will actually be ok. We will be less than an hr. from the beach, 30 min. from Philadelphia, 1.5 hrs from NYC, and 3 hrs from our old stomping ground in DC. If we get bored out there, it will be our own fault. AND Marion will have the weekends off up there...YAY!!!

Change #2: Selling our house in DC

We are still sitting on the townhouse in DC that we were unable to sell before we moved. We have since put it back on the market, and have an offer on it!! However, we are fighting with the Homeowner's Assistance Program, who is assisting us in getting rid of this house, on timelines, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!


  1. Um, aren't you forgetting something? You'll only be 5.5 hrs away from auntie D and uncle Adam!!!

  2. So yes, I officially win chump friend of the year. Thank heavens that you finally got a blog, though!