Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doubting No More....

So I have been arguing for weeks with Marion over whether or not Michael is talking yet. I always figured that when Michael said his first word it would be completely obvious. Not so much. He babbles constantly...who is to say he's not embedding something meaningful in there? He has been going around saying 'mamama' and 'dadada' for months, but it's not only when he is referring to us so it seems. Then, a couple weeks ago, I noticed that he would bring me a book off his shelf, and would always say 'but'. Now to me, that counts. But of course, Marion didn't hear this, and still doesn't believe me.

Today, all my doubts have been put to rest. I asked Michael to get his ball, and he looked around for it. When he found it, he picked it up and threw it to me. I picked it up and said, 'ball'. He looked at me, thought for a second, and VERY deliberately said 'ba'. Every time he threw me the ball, I would say it, and he would repeat. Now THAT is a word!

But guess who was at work? Poor old Daddy. Guess I still haven't won the battle.


  1. *sigh* We miss you guys. There isn't anyone as cool as you here. I can't believe how big he's getting! Did I tell you I'm pregnant? Yes, I'm a chumpy friend, and I really WILL email you back...

  2. What? Stephanie's pregnant. How come I didn't know that? ..... Just kidding. This is my first time on your blog so I had t skim through it all. Babbling counts as words, that's all that Marion does anyway.