Monday, April 26, 2010

North Dakota

For spring break this year, Michael and I flew out to visit my extended family in North Dakota for the week. Usually, I don't have a problem traveling with Michael on my own, but this was a very rare occasion when that was NOT the case. I got to the airport and realized that I had forgotten Michael's stroller AND any proof of age for him. Of course, the guy at the ticket counter was a total jerk and gave me tons of crap for it, which made us the absolute last people on the flight (after I walked Michael thru the airport sans stroller). After the first leg, we had a little under an hour layover to get through yet another terminal and grab some lunch. After finding the closest vendor selling chicken nuggets (aka McDonalds), I proceeded to spill my coke all over Michael's head as I was trying to hold onto both the squirming child and all the food. Nice. So we go to the gate to eat since there was no other seating, and Michael goes to climb up on the chair to eat his nuggets. AND off he falls. Right on his head. Well, there went our window for lunch after his 10 min. of hysterical crying that ensued. After being paged by name to board flight number 2, Michael decides to GO #2 on the plane...try changing that in an airplane bathroom!! And of course, to top it off, there was no napping to be had.

However, I am happy to report that once this drama was through, the rest of the trip went MUCH better. We even got to catch up with my Aunt Linda and cousin Becky quickly, as they were on their way out. Most of our time was spent on Aunt Lori and Uncle Bob's farm, or at the nursing home visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Michael was a trooper at the nursing home and played really well considering he was cooped up in a little room for hours. He loved exploring the farm, though, and much thanks to Bobby and Sheldon for the tour! OH...he said his first sentence on the trip! My aunt and uncle have lots of outdoor cats on their farm, and they like to frequent the front yard. Michael was always looking at them out the window, and one day he said, "Hi Lor Lor meow!" aka Hi Lori's cats. :) So cute! He's been talking about Lor Lor meows ever since....

Here's a bunch of pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow! So I am guessing your aunt is your mom's sister because the three of you look so much alike!