Monday, December 21, 2009

Michael's First Haircut

Michael and I were lucky enough to be able to go back to Kentucky for Christmas and see Grandma, Grandpa, Mamaw, and Papaw. And to top it all off....Marion got to come home too! We were all there by the 20th, so we had a few days to get settled in before the festivities began.

We started off the vacation by taking care of business...Michael's first haircut!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is one day shy of 20 months, and this is his first haircut. Poor guy comes by it honestly though....I've been told I was bald til I was 2. Mom had to tape bows to my head so people would know I was a girl.

Well, enough reminiscing....back to the haircut. We went to my hairstylist that I've gone to for years, and he did well, relatively speaking. We made sure to come prepared with snacks and Baby Einstein, and ALL got utilized to get the job done. The mini mullet is finally gone! Don't worry, I saved the curls.....
Pre-haircut picture: proof the mini mullet really did exist.

During the haircut. He wasn't too happy about this strange lady touching his head all the time.

Unfortunately, I failed to upload the finished product picture correctly on my computer, so that will have to wait. I know...the suspense! :)

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  1. What? Erik got a haircut, like, 1 year ago! Wait. Maybe that's because he has enough hair for 2 more toddlers.