Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend in Baltimore

My good friend from grad school, Marci, was having a baby shower back in Maryland, so we thought it would be a good excuse for a weekend trip back to the old stompin' ground. We got to see lots of old friends from school, and it was so nice catching up with everyone! Michael got to see his Auntie Laura too! As always, Michael was the hit of the party...I think he thought the shindig was for him. He did such a good job and was so well behaved. Congrats to Marci and Tim!!!!

When we were there, my friend Amy from work was nice enough to let us stay at their house. She has a 9 month old boy, who I hadn't been able to meet. He was sooo cute...with big blue eyes and lots of hair! A big thanks to Amy and Brian for their hospitality!!

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